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I already mentioned how much I love what supermoms Indonesia right? If you haven’t heard or read you can see it why here 🙂

I know how hard it is to be a parent in this digital era..The technology, the peer pressure (our child’s friends even our friends).
Ibu Elly Risman said this in one of her seminars (with Supermoms): “Saya lebih baik ngangon 1000 sapi daripada membesarkan 1 orang anak laki2”
In short she said: “I prefer to watch 1000 cows then to raise a boy in this era”

My heart skipped a beat when I heard that line.. 🙁

You know how you feel when you never taught bad words, then your child come home with those new “vocabulary”, and you know that your child learn those words from their friends.

You will know that you need a good environment to raise your child.. You need other moms that really care about their child’s development.. Really want to learn about parenting, and how to raise children in this digital era.

So your child will meet a good peer, good influence…
And I’m so glad that I found these awesome supermoms!

They are a group of hot mommies, that really care about parenting.. and trying to spread the spirit to other moms..

I really wish every mom (and dad of course) will have the willing to learn, because the truth is we never learn how to be A PARENT 🙂

So.. in support for that cause.. Here it is.. the group of moms that will make an awesome impact for the next generation..
Please visit their website.. let’s learn together as a parent for child..


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