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I just looooveeee what mommies in Supermoms Indonesia did for the past years.
I believe that parents play an important role in a child’s life, and I believe in the golden year, what parent do in the 1st 3 years are very crucial for the rest of a child’s life.

Since not a lot of mommies have the privilege to graduate from psychology, so we, as a parent must learn a lot! and by mean a lot it’s A LOT!
From learning what to expect from the 3semester, then learn how to breastfeed, what to cook for MPASI, weaning with love, and to learn about children physiological development, all of that are only for the physical.

Now when we talk about emotional and psychology not to mention how to build character, that’s where reading books are just not enough.
When I was expecting Aaron, in my bumped days, I learn as many as I could. Read as many as I could too. I read from Dr. Makoto Shichida, Glenn Doman, Charlotte Mason, Dr. Sears, Baby Center and many more, but when I google psychologist from Indonesia, I found Ibu Elly Risman..

I can tell on and on about what I like about her, but in short, Ibu Elly Risman believes that all parents should take their role seriously. Since there’s no school for being a parent, she has classes and seminars and training for parents.
I really love what she said in the opening of Supermoms Indonesia’s seminar last year: “It takes a village to raise a child”.

And this year, Supermoms Indonesia will do “Tetralogy Seminar”, with Ibu Elly Risman.

Now the seminars:
Session 1 : Saturday , 1 September 2012
challenges when raising Children in The Digital Era

Session 2: Saturday, 22 September 2012
How to prevent Children from Sexual Abuse

Session 3 : Saturday, 24 November 2012
When A child is addictive to games

Session 4 : Saturday, 1 Desember 2012
Confident to talk about Sex with Children and Teenagers

so mommies and daddies, if you have children in this digital era, you better be there!
And trust me you will come home with a different point of view on how to raise your child 🙂

Be responsible, BE A PARENT!

P.S: just in case you want to sign up for this seminars you can visit www[dot]supermomsindonesia[dot]com
ooh yes, this pics are courtesy of Supermoms Indonesia


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