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We all know fairy tales does not exist in real life, right?

But women subconsciously hoping their prince charming will come and they will life happily ever after.

Little did we know (as lil girl who believe in Cinderella or Snow White), that happily ever after WILL NOT happened like magic the fairy Godmother swings her wand.


I hit the reality because my late mom shoved it into my head and my heart.
As soon as I experience my broken heart after a big break up, my mom sat there waiting after days I wept, then she told me her secret marriage life.

Put Jesus Christ as the center of your love, the commitment, and the vow you said. Passionate love may hit the cold days. Or the moment you find your husband’s flaw that makes you raise your eyebrow. You will learn there is no perfect prince charming, as there is no perfect princess. Because if you demand a perfect prince charming or at least a prince charming, as women must be a perfect princess, or the very least charming princess.

So, my mom told me, at the very least you will certain criteria to choose a future husband. And here are the list:

  1. He must love Jesus Christ, and have fear of GOD in his heart. It’s written in the scripture, that a man that fear of GOD will hold HIS words in his heart, and will act according to those words. And the most importantly he will become the head of the family, and lead your lil family to GOD. So yeah, this is the first and foremost.
  2. He must love his mother and his sister (if any). See how he treated the 1st women in his life, because that is the way he is going to treat you in your real marriage life.
  3. He must have educational background, at the very least a degree. Because with knowledge a man can strive for his living.
  4. He does not have to come from a wealthy background. The most important the thing is he has his pride for what he does and a hard working man. The rest, GOD will bless your family.
  5. You must know and see what type of friends he hang out the most. Because the Scripture says: “bad company corrupts good character”. Or the way around: you can see, him through his friends.
  6. You must know how he reacts when you two are fighting (during dating of course). My mom always said: once a cheater always a cheater, and once a hitter always a hitter.
  7. You must be prepared, no matter how much you think you know your boyfriend soon to be your husband, there always a side of him that will shock you.


So after praying for my life partner (since senior high school, yes my mom taught me to pray for my future husband’s since early as that). God answered my prayer when I was in college.
I met Tito through Friendster (yes, Friendster, that lame haa :P)

Long story short, I know each one of those criterions I can see in his life. We reach our decision without euphoria, and even without him bending down on his knee to propose me, that we will become one as husband and wife in front of GOD.

So, as reflections on our 7th anniversary, I want to say to my husband: Thank you for loving Jesus first and then me. Let’s love our GOD even more, with all our heart and soul. And let that love for GOD lead us to love each other for the rest of our lives.

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