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The minute I knew I was pregnant, I submitted my resignation letter to my boss at Helen Keller International. It was my dream job, helping special needs children and doing something real to change the world to be a better place for those special children, and getting paid for it *I know right? helping other and you get a paycheck? awesome!*
Long story short for personal and health reasons I resigned, and embraced my new role in this world: Mother.


I was 25, and all of my friends seemed to have an awesome job that made them travel around the world (getting paid to travel? more awesomeness)
But I held my head up high and focus on raising a heaven sent for me.

Until one day, my other baby (my business in photography) starting to grew big and bigger and needed me to fly across Indonesia and abroad. (helping mothers to remember their precious miracle and get to travel. Double awesomeness)


So the first time I needed to leave my precious son for 3 days, it’s scary. But I learned here and there, and read lot’s of posts online and books. Decided to believe that a child can feel our nervous feeling and that will make them cranky. And telling him in advanced when I leave, where I’m going and what I expect from him when I’m not around. And every night I whisper to his ear with my deep voice, telling him to be good and healthy when I am away for work. The day I leave for the first time I tried so hard to stay positive, and kept telling myself: Aaron is fine, he is with my husband (one of the perks being married to a photographer we can adjust our schedule, even if we must leave Aaron, we have our beloved mother :D)


So the results of all my actions: he was happy and healthy. And he was very nice, no mommy-missing-sickness.
Stay positive mommies! we can do this 😀

Tell me about your tips and tricks when you’re planning for business trip 😀


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