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Today, 8 years ago..

My heart started to walk outside my body. He was named Aaron Joshua Neeman. It felt surreal then, and still are now, and it will always be..

You know, when your heart skip a beat when you look at someone you love so dearly?

And that person could stop your heart beating, in a split second.

And yes, that one little person can make your heart bursting like a crazy first love, just because he says “I love you” or hugs you, for no reasons.


He is my heart. My pride and joy. He gives me great joy and more reason to celebrate life.. and to go and move on, because 2 days after he was born, my dad passed away.


If my late dad still alive now, he would be proud of his grandson (of course right? that’s what grandpas do :P) And he would be more excited to celebrate Aaron’s birthday. Like they say… “Grand parents love their grand kids more that they love their child” (Haaaa! so true!)
The fact was my late dad (and my late dad-in law) didn’t really into birthday. Yeah people born, so what? My dad in law even joked: even frog has birthday.. hahaha..

It’s just because they grew up in a big family (like really big- more than 10 siblings). Crazy right? So birthday wasn’t celebrated that much in their era.

But for me (I am the only child by the way), so I take birthdays seriously. Like, hellooo.. I’m the only child you have to celebrate each year.. 😀
For my Aaron it’s different. Because the day he was born. Me as a mother was also born. He teaches me every thing. The best part? Being love for who I am, no matter how imperfect I am. With his big eyes, he said: “it’s okay mommy”. And thanking me just because I made him breakfast. Hugging me for no reasons. And… saying I love you.. All those little things are taking a big part of my life. Yes… my live evolves around him. Because the minute he was born, since then my heart starting to walk outside my body.

My husband and I try our best to document his growth. And each year we always do something to remind us how time flies. And for him too. Years from now he will see.. from our perspective. How much we love him. And this year.. he saw my husband’s video with his gank (IWPG). And Aaron is so inspired to do a dancing duo with him.
Here’s to my son. The owner of heart.
I love you with all my heart, and soul.
you are one of the reason I live.
May you see God’s perfect work in you
And I pray you will travel the world
To see God’s magnificent creation
And you will be inspire to glorify His name.

Forever in my prayers. To the owner of my heart.
Happy 8th birthday son!

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