Newborn: Adya

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It was a gloomy day.. Raining since I left my house. Perfect Monday to shoot beautiful Adya. She is a daughter from my dear friend Andina (or Ancil, her nickname). For Andina’s maternity session you can look here.

Arrived at 6.30 Adya still sleeping and milking :D no body can resist her cuteness. Her birth weight was 2,4kg, and she is growing fast. It shows from how hungry she was.

The sun didn’t shine that morning (and I’m a natural lighting photographer… haa!), so we waited for the sun to come out, and tried to make Adya fall asleep.

Thanks to Aki’s room (Adya’s grandpa), warm and cozy. Adya finally fall into deep sleep, and the session begin!

Please enjoy some of my work from that session.

(p.s. you can check Andina’s maternity session – Adya’s mom)




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  1. Irma Ardian
    October 7, 2011

    So girl, ambil mommentnya pas bgt..keren


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