Newborn Session: Maalik

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Maalik Makarim Muhidin. Terjemahan bebas dari Maalik: yang memiliki, dan Makarim: kemuliaan.
I believe every parent wants to give the best for their children, that include their babies names 🙂
Some people say: “apalah artinya sebuah nama”, but hey for me it means a lot!
I believe that names are prayer, hope and wish for our babies.
That’s why we search names through googles, books, etc, and thinking hard which one is the best.
Maalik Makarim Muhidin : yang memiliki kemuliaan. Isn’t it a prayer and hope?

It was raining from early in the morning.. and until we finished the session… No sunshine, a bit cold..
He is a wonderful model! Not because he didn’t pee/pup on any of my blankets/props (I used to get pees and pups 😀 ) but simply because he is handsome, and has beautiful hair..
Hope you guys see Maalik’s handsomeness through this pics… And for Malik, may ur future will be just like ur name 🙂


  1. Irma Ardian
    July 15, 2011

    Love it…

    • admin
      July 15, 2011

      Thank u.. 🙂 me too loving it to the max 😀

  2. Ade
    November 23, 2011

    Really liked this photo. Love u baby Maalik


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