To my beloved son,


If I said time and time again, how time flies, I hope you will be patient and trying hard to understand my feeling even though you will never truly get it until you become a parent yourself.


This picture is your first day on earth.


Just in case you haven’t heard it for a million time, you are my miracle.

You are God’s way to say that He is mighty, and He loves me. Just when I thought I couldn’t live my life when I lost my father.

God made sure you were born 2 days before my dad passed away. You are the comfort of aching hearts, you are the reasons of my smile and happiness, you are my life.


Time flies. It was like yesterday, we  celebrated your first birthday. And now, you are 10 years old. My baby is a teen now.


Entering teens world:

I pray you know your worth, and know God is watching over you.

I hope you will still think that I am cool, or half cool.

I also hope you will always share your days, the good and the bad.

Cause I will always there for you!


enjoy your teenagers in Christ!






First day on earth

First day on earth


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